Bamboo Rafting Experience

Bamboo rafting was very common and popular for the local people to carry their commodities then selling its to the town, due to no road connection in the two between. These days its have become the exited tourist attraction in South Kalimantan. Getting the bamboo rafting, You’ll have exited experience, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of tropical rain forest and animals which are showing up occasionally along the riverside.

Bamboo Rafting & Swamp Buffaloes

4 Days / 3 nights

Swamp buffaloes are one of the unique buffaloes. Most of them spent in the swamp by swimming to find food. They are livestock, owned by farmers as their livelihood. Every morning, the buffaloes are released and in the afternoon are put back into their stall. These days It has become a tourist attraction read more >>>

Bamboo Rafting & Meratus Jungle trek

5 Days / 4 Nights

The Meratus Mountains can be classified as lowland forests, It has about 2000 meters above sea level. This area has a high biodiversity with some vegetation. You will have perfect views from the tops of the Meratus mountains overlooking the jungle of Kalimantan read more >>>

Bamboo Rafting & Meratus Jungle trek II

7 Days /  6 Nights

The journey into the interior of the forest and meet the local Dayak tribes in their way of life in deep dense forests with exotic flora and fauna. Ending with an adventure exploring Bamboo raft along the Amandit River. It will be your adventure tour and cultural experience in South Kalimantan. read more >>>


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