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Explore the natural beauty and culture of East Kalimantan. Derawan archipelago offers a variety of marine life, ranging from walls, coral reefs and caves, large green turtle (Chelonia mydas), white leopard sharks and nurses, school barracuda, rivet napoleon, cuttlefish, Spanish mackerel, jack and flag fish, and ornamental reef fish. You will also visit Sangalaki, Kakaban, Maratua.  The Islands of Derawan is one of the most popular tourist attractions that is well known with the white sand and beautiful corals.

Sailing Derawan

3 Days / 2 Nights

Derawan Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions that is well known as the white sand and beautiful corals. This island is also home to green turtles. You can also see turtles laying eggs at night. You will explore the beauty of the island and the marine park of Derawan, Maratua, Kakaban and Sangalaki.Read more >>>

Maratua Honeymoon Tour

4 Days / 3 Nights

Maratua is a large tropical island, surrounded by a large lagoon bordered by thin stone walls and coral reefs. It is inverted with white sandy beaches, mangrove forests and waters that contain the third highest level of marine botanical diversity in the world after Raja Ampat and the Solomon Islands.Read more>>>

Incredible Waleshark

5 Days / 4 Nights

Swimming alongside the gentle giant fish in the sea is one of the ultimate bucket-list experiences. Whale sharks can be found in all temperate and tropical oceans around the world and migrate thousands of miles to different feeding grounds. They are very slow moving, as they move at speeds of little more than 3 miles per hour. These days the whalesharks..Read more >>>